fake plants artificial plants dining room home decor silk real touch tall branch

Adding Artificial Flowers to Your Home Décor in 2023

Artificial flowers are a simple way to instantly boost your home décor. They add beauty, color and life to any space without the maintenance of real flowers. Here are some tips for incorporating artificial flowers into your home:

Focus on your entryway.

Welcome guests by placing an artificial flower arrangement on a console table in your foyer or entryway. This makes a striking first impression and sets the tone for your home's décor.

 entryway artificial plants decor faux fake plants for home decorations

entryway artificial plants decor faux fake plants for home decorations

Accent your living room.

Brighten up your living room by setting an artificial flower arrangement on your coffee table, fireplace mantel or side table. Choose blooms in a color that complements your existing color scheme.

 real touch fake flower arrangements for living room

faux hydrangea large flowers living room decor real touch silk flowers

Dress up your dining room.

Create an elegant centerpiece for your dining table with a arrangement of artificial peonies, roses and hydrangeas in a large vase or container. For extra drama, place it on a decorative pedestal.

fake plants artificial plants dining room home decor silk real touch tall branch 

Spruce up shelves and ledges.

Add single artificial blooms or small bud vases to shelves, ledges and bookcases for an easy decorative touch in any room. This works great in bathrooms, hallways and bedrooms.

cascading plant faux silk plants for shelf ledges artificial plants bedroom aesthetic

Bring life to your patio.

If you have an outdoor patio or deck, place a few weather-resistant artificial flower arrangements on tables and ledges. They will withstand the elements while providing the look of real blooms. 

outdoor flowers artificial silk hanging cascading flowers patio decor

Fragrance your space.

For an added sensory experience, choose artificial flowers that are scented like roses, citrus blossoms or lavender. The fragrance will perfume your entire space.

Change with the seasons.

Swap out your artificial flower arrangements for seasonal blooms and colors to keep things looking fresh in your home. For example, sunflowers in the summer, mums in the fall and poinsettias in the winter. 

With endless options for artificial blooms, you can find a simple way to incorporate flowers into any area of your home. Get creative with colors, varieties, and display for a custom look that matches your décor and personal style. Your space will be blossoming in no time! 


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