How to Clean Silk Flowers

How to Clean Silk Flowers

  • How to Clean Silk Flowers?

To clean silk flowers that combine fabric and plastic, dust the leaves and blooms with a damp cloth or feather duster. For small stems, or intricate spaces, use a dry craft or paint brush. If the artificial flower doesn't contain latex or foam or doesn't feel "real touch," you can clean the blooms and leaves by wiping them with a small amount of soap and water. Make sure to dry your fake flowers thoroughly before storing them.

Another quick method to remove dust from your fake flowers is to gently dust them with a hairdryer on a cool setting or spray them with compressed or canned air. We recommend dusting with a hairdryer before using a damp cloth; this will ensure you're not just wiping dust on the blooms.

How to clean "real touch" artificial flowers is slightly different. They are made from latex or foam and cannot get wet—clean blooms with a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth or a fragrance-free baby wipe. Fragrance-free baby wipes can also help to remove stains or slight discoloration.

How to Clean Silk Flowers

  • What are the benefits of artificial flowers?

Artificial flowers provide a hassle-free approach to floral design. Fake flowers are reusable, durable, don’t require water or sun, and are a budget-friendly option for anyone looking to create stunning, no-maintenance flower arrangements that last for years. Before choosing the perfect artificial flowers for your home decor, read the product description and learn what material each type of artificial flower is made of. This will help you make an educated decision on the quality and how to display your new artificial florals.


  • What are the types of artificial flowers?

Not all artificial flowers are created equal. There are several different types of artificial flowers, including silk or fabric, real-touch, and plastic. Silk flowers typically have fabric blooms and leaves with a wired plastic stem for flexibility. A plastic coating or film is sometimes applied to the fabric to increase longevity. Real-touch artificial flowers are made of foam, latex, or have a latex-coated fabric leaf, creating a feeling of a live, damp petal. If you're planning on using any artificial flowers outside, only use plastic or artificial flowers with UV-protected fabric leaves. Fake flowers containing latex or foam will quickly break down or disintegrate in the elements. Before purchasing, read the product description to know what materials make up your future artificial flowers. Many artificial flowers are created from recycled fabric, plastic, and wire. 


  • How to Store Artificial Flowers?
You may wonder how to store artificial flowers in your craft room. Before storing, clean your fake flowers. Once your flowers are completely dry, store them in a breathable yet sealed container. A plastic bin with a closed lid is perfect! Make sure each bloom has enough room and isn't squashed by other heavier stems. Store out of direct sunlight so the florals won't fade over time. For long stems, we recommend a wrapping paper box. Layer each bloom in an opposite direction to avoid squashing the flowers on the bottom. We recommend adding a small closet cedar block to keep things fresh. 



  • How to Keep Fake Flowers from Fading
To ensure the longest life for your fake florals:

  • Style them in a space that is out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not place in window sills or any space that gets intense sun. This light will strip or slowly fade the color from the fabric blooms. Always store your fake flowers out of direct sunlight as well.
  • We recommend storing them in a sealed yet breathable container in a closet or under a bed. For outdoor artificial flowers, plant out of direct sunlight (under an awning is perfect) and spray with UV-protectant spray, which you can find at your local art supply store.


  •  How to Cut Fake Flowers?

Before cutting your artificial flowers, bend the stem to your desired height. If you can keep the stem long instead of cutting it, you can then reuse your stem in another design at another height. Bending is perfect for opaque vases. If you must cut your artificial flowers, use high-quality, heavy-duty wire cutters. If the stem is thick and you're having difficulty cutting the wire inside, try bending the stem back and forth several times. This movement should snap the wire where you've created an impression from the wire cutters. If you style your cut stems in water, seal the open end with hot glue so the wire won't rust.


  • Can Fake Flowers Get Wet?

Depending on the type, some fake flowers can get wet. Ensure they are fabric and plastic, not latex or foam, before showering or submerging them. Latex or foam blooms and leaves will disintegrate in water. Do not get "real touch" flowers wet.