How to Make DIY Eucalyptus Shower Bundles - Bloomy Floral

How to Make DIY Eucalyptus Shower Bundles - Bloomy Floral

Starting your day with a steamy shower or indulging in a relaxing nighttime routine can be a rejuvenating form of self-care that easily fits into your daily routine. It's a simple way to create a serene environment in your bathroom, similar to the cozy feeling of plush towels or an organized bath caddy. Recently, eucalyptus shower bundles have become a popular choice for adding a touch of luxury to your shower routine without any hassle. According to Etsy's 2021 trend report, there has been a remarkable 7,466% surge in searches for eucalyptus shower bundles, as people seek to recreate the spa experience in the comfort of their own homes.

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Eucalyptus has a delightful aroma that not only soothes your senses and clears your airways, but also adds a natural element to your bathroom. When exposed to the steam and warmth of your shower, the essential oils from the leaves are released into the air, filling your space with a refreshing, pine-like scent and providing therapeutic benefits through aromatherapy. Studies have revealed that eucalyptus can enhance your immune system, alleviate pain, and reduce inflammation, making it a popular choice among individuals who experience congestion due to allergies or colds. 

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Rolling pin
  • Pruning shears


  • Small bouquet of eucalyptus branches
  • Twine
  • Waterproof self-adhesive hook (optional)



How to Make a Eucalyptus Shower Bundle

To infuse your bathroom with a rejuvenating aroma, here's how to make your own eucalyptus shower bundle. Keep in mind that some eucalyptus branches can produce a sticky sap when handled, so you may want to wear gloves to avoid getting your hands dirty or to protect your skin from the oils. Additionally, it's crucial to keep eucalyptus out of reach from pets or young children, as it can be harmful if ingested.


Step 1

Prepare Eucalyptus Branches

Before you take the eucalyptus branches out of their packaging, lay the bouquet on a flat surface and gently roll over the stems a few times with a rolling pin. This helps release the oils and ensure a strong scent. Use pruning shears to trim the branches to your desired length. Varying the stem lengths slightly will create a fuller effect when bundled. Remove any leaves around the bottom three to four inches of stem, so you'll have room for tying.

dried eucalyptus shower bundle for bathroom decor

Moreover, you can incorporate lavender to introduce a calming aroma.

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Step 2

Secure the Bundle with Twine

To fasten the bundle, begin by arranging the eucalyptus branches in a relaxed cluster. Take a piece of twine and encircle it around the stems, approximately two inches from the bottom edge. As you work your way up the stems, wrap the twine around them several times, ensuring it's not too tight. Finally, tie a knot or bow to secure the bouquet in place. Thread another length of twine through the strands, then create a loop by knotting the twine, allowing you to hang the bundle with ease.

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Step 2

Hang the Bundle in the Shower

Affix a waterproof self-adhesive hook approximately 5-8 inches beneath the point where your showerhead connects to the wall. The eucalyptus bundle should be placed near but not directly underneath the water stream. Alternatively, you may secure it to your shower arm with twine. It's advisable to replace your eucalyptus bundle every few weeks or when the fragrance starts to diminish.

dried lavender eucalyptus bundle for shower bathroom decor